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BC Growers Club

BC Growers Club grows the highest quality Cannabis in Canada and delivers it to your front door, safely, quickly and fresh. We bring the reknown west coast quality to the rest of Canada with great prices and epic strains. From seed to your door, we hand plant, hand trim and hand package our buds to ensure the highest quality for you, the cannabis connoisseur.

Rarely does one find true passion in life and make it into a business. For us, BC Growers Club is that opportunity. Combined amongst us, we have been involved in the cannabis culture for over 40 years. The evolution of our journey started from smoking doobies behind our high school to operating 120,000 sq ft grow farms. What does that mean for you? We know quality and we know how to get it!

We hope you join us in this adventure as we share and experience what cannabis has to offer our MIND, BODY & SOUL.


BC Growers Club

Our Team

Mr Pink

Mr. Pink has been an industry icon of the BC cannabis market for over 25 years. Starting from his early years tending to outdoor crops to operating the highly sophisticated indoor grow environments that we see today. Throughout his career, Mr. Pink has built the largest network of strain developers and grow experts with access both unique and high-quality strains in the region. His entrepreneur vision is what created BCGC and the “dream” team.

Mr White

Mr. White has dedicated his life to the art of perfection. From temperature, dirt, humidity and everything in between, he has created the optimal growing conditions for any strain. His process includes constant testing, monitoring and climate adjustments to yield the best cannabis on planet earth. You’re welcome!

Mr Black

Saving the best for last, our 3rd curator is our technical build expert. Mr. Black brings unique insights into both technical and practical components of cannabis production. With 10+ years of cannabis production experience, he now operates one of BC’s leading edge electrical contracting company’s specializing in design, installation, and maintenance of high efficiency lighting systems for cannabis production. LED lighting systems is the gold or “quad” and he expects nothing less.


Mr. Pink

Networking and Project Overseer

Mr White

Mr. White

Perfecting the science of the grow

Mr Black

Mr. Black

Technical Build Expert

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